Making Magic Real.


More visitors, More engaged

Seasons adds a layer of Augmented Reality (AR) magic to enhance your event.

When visitors arrive at your event they can navigate to one or more experiences with the in-app map.

You can drive traffic to specific areas of your venue with clever placement of the AR experiences. Create a treasure hunt or provide a trail for them to follow.

Four incredible experiences each for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas with more to come.

Each season has at least one creative experience, one game and one astonishing photo opportunity.

The app includes lots of potential for the creation of social media content, all shareable with your choice of hashtag.

Magical seasonal experiences for them, analytics and useful data for you.

How it Works

  • Select the seasonal experience.
  • Choose a location for your experience.
  • Add your custom message.
  • Promote your experience.
  • Visitors download the app and head to your event.
  • As soon as they reach your destination, the magic begins.

Select a Package

One Experience

A festive experience, tied to your location

£250 per year (plus VAT)


The Full Monty

4 amazing experiences per season, throughout the year!

Enhance your Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas events.

£975 per year (plus VAT)


The Seasons App is available now on the Apple and Google Play app stores.

* prices are listed exclusive of VAT.

Contact Us

We're happy to talk you through how you could use Seasons for your event. If you'd like to talk to us please email us at